504 Monmouth Road, Millstone, New Jersey 08510, United States

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Love Live Yoga is amazing!! Highly recommend! - Diane

Great Place, wonderful staff. So lucky to have this near us. - Bob

I am absolutely loving my new yoga studio, Love Love Yoga, in Millstone NJ, it’s nothing like any yoga class that i would go to at a normal gym. This is more than just yoga as a work out. It’s yoga as a spiritual and peaceful part of your life. This studio helps you really get in touch with your body and to listen to your body. “If you’re not breathing you’re doing too much” this phrase was mentioned a couple of times during my first class. It’s a helpful reminder to listen to your body. Try to do as much as you can without straining yourself. I’m already in love with this studio, everyone in the area should check it out! They have classes for everyone and every level! - Megan

The Beginners class is just what I needed to get started, thank you! - Jill

Today’s open beginner class at love live yoga was amazing! I was sore from a long night of photographing a wedding, so i was excited to get in, do some great stretches and help alleviate some of my pain. Marika makes each class special for each and every student. She helps to tune into each of your strengths and weaknesses and adjusts your poses and stretches to make sure your body is getting the most out of the class. My favorite part happened to be the most difficult for me. Laying on a block and stretching my legs was tough! It burned and i wanted to just put my feet down but I’m glad i stuck it out! I felt the stretching in my legs and back and it made me feel better! Marika also makes the class really fun! We walk around the class on our toes, heals and sides of our feet. We also ended the class with a couple of different fun exercises. One exercise was when breathing you stick you stomach out as far as it can go then hold your breath and suck your stomach back in. You do this a couple of times while holding your breath, it really helps open up your body and let positive energy flow through. We also did an exercise where you sit with your eyes closed and while doing yoga breathing you smile the biggest smile you can muster. It’s hard to not leave in a good mood after this class!