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we offer online classes at this time. please see our schedule.

we offer online classes at this time. please see our schedule.

we offer online classes at this time. please see our schedule. we offer online classes at this time. please see our schedule.

Love Live Yoga Team



Senthil Kumar

Senthil is a Master Yoga Teacher from South India. His family relation with Sri Swami Satchidananda led him to his initial studies at Integral Yoga Institute in Coimbatore. He has worked and taught Yoga to students in Singapore, Macau, Moscow, Taiwan and have now Moved with his family to the US to continue his life's mission to deliver the highest standard of Yoga to all students.


Maria Preuster


JIVAMUKTI trained, Maria Preuster comes with great experience and knowledge of the Yoga teachings. Her early practice was under the guidance of Walt & Magana Baptiste and her career in NYC led the way to Jivamukti. Maria has been teaching Yoga for almost 20 years and is dedicated to helping others find the same transformation of mind, body, and soul that she has experienced in her own life. She is one of the few teachers that stays true to the roots of Yoga, as it needs no reinventing.


Julianne Riceputo

Julianne is a spiritual, trauma-conscious 200hr RYT Yoga Alliance Teacher who found balance, grounding, a safe sanctuary within herself with her daily practice. “We are all teachers and We are all students, Yoga allows us to become “unstuck” it allows us to slow down and as we slow down we purify, we unify our mind, body and soul.  The Teacher and light in me honors the teacher and light in all of you.


Suzanne Rogalsky


Although Suzanne has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years, it has only been within the past several that she finally “got it”. Through self-study and the tutelage of some amazing teachers, she realized that the practice of yoga was not just about movement or fitness. The beauty of yoga exists in the marriage of mindfulness, breath and movement. Yoga is indeed a way to stay flexible and strong, but it is also a valuable tool to alleviate stress and anxiety and pave the way to a happy life. In addition to traditional yoga classes, Suzanne teaches trauma informed yoga within the recovery community. She considers the teaching of yoga and mindfulness to adults in recovery as very important work. She has completed her 200 hour teacher training along with some other trainings and is very interested in the study of Ayurveda and its relationship to yoga and healthfulness. Suzanne is very excited to bring her love of yoga to Love Live Yoga! 


Lalita (Val Smith)

Lalita is excited to share her Hatha yoga practice with the Love Live Yoga community. She has completed 500 hours RYT in Hatha Yoga Sivananda  from Freehold Yoga Center. Lalita is also Reiki certified. She is employed as Program Administrator, Princeton University for the past 13 years and prior to that she managed a local church. She has two incredible daughters and son-in-law who are the lights of her life! Lalita’s Passions: faith, family, friends, yoga, beach, gardening, hiking, reading, gluten free/dairy free cooking and baking. OM, shanti, pea


Maitri (Diane Fitzpatrick)

Maitri has Cared for others most of her life, in her career as a nurse and as a mother. Yoga has always been important to Maitri as a way to reduce stress and Maintain flexibility. She obtained her 200 RYT Certification from the Freehold Yoga Center to share her passion of Yoga with others. Maitri believes Yoga is for everyone: to rejuvenate and calm the body and soul and grow the inner Spirit


Ravenne Chase

Ravenne found yoga at a very young age and since then she has fallen in love with every aspect of the practice. It was the deep physical, emotional, and spiritual cleanse that kept her coming back for more. Becoming a yoga teacher has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. She finds so much joy in sharing her love and passion for yoga with others.


Yesudas (Eric Bumbera)

Yesudas is a Yoga Alliance Certified Hatha Yoga instructor who began his Yoga journey as a form of excercise; a way to regain his flexibility and core strength and to alleviate chronic hip, neck and back pain. After comitting to a consistent practice, he was transformed physically and began to be renewed. All the while, there was another more subtle, transformation also occuring through Yoga beyond the physical healing. Eric travelled globally over the past two decades including several trips taking him to China and India. Eric took sabbatical from his career to recharge and redirect his life journey. During this time he immersed himself more deeply into his personal Yoga practice and following his deep desire to share with others, he studied for his teaching certification at the Freehold Yoga Center.  Today, Yoga for Yesudas is of course, far more than a physical endeavor; Yoga is a way of life, a journey and a practice supporting an ever deepening faith and continuous self discovery that touches every facet of his human experience. Eric believes that Love is at the center of all things; that there is no greater force than Love; that there is one Love, In which, we all coexist; and that we need only soften and open our hearts to let Love's graces flow. There is no greater purpose of life.


Indrani (Nancy Grossman)

Indrani has been a yoga teacher for more than 10 years. Indrani is also a Special Needs Yoga Practitioner, and certified in Triaxial Yoga and Yoga for Teens. In addition to her Hatha teaching experience, Indrani is an Acharya in the Yoga Life Society and continues to study yoga philosophy and meditation under the guidance of Sri Reverend Jaganath Carrera. 


Sudasi (Maria DiSanti)

Sudasi (Maria DiSanti) has completed her E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teaching Certification from Freehold Yoga Center in Yoga for Healing. She has been teaching since 2011. She has furthered her training in Restorative, Chair, Yin Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Structural Alignment and Adjustments and Yoga for Everyone. Certified Reiki Master and trained in sound healing Chakra Tuning Forks, Life Line Technique and IET Energy Healing, has brought more to her teaching and healing practice. Sudasi has a love for private sessions which focus on healing body, mind, and spirit. Yoga has enriched her life and she wants to share this with as many people as she can. Sudasi truly believes there is something for everyone in the practice of Yoga. As quoted by Krishnamacharya “If you can breathe, you can do Yoga” 



Marika Du Rietz - Owner, Teacher and Creative Director

Marika was introduced to Yoga and Meditation at an early age by her parents. Marika has Studied with Spiritual Masters in many parts of the world and worked as a Healer and Yoga Teacher for more than 25 years. At present Marika works with her husband Avinash to build positive communities and create businesses that supports Health, Peace & Joy.